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PoshChat Version 1.0 -- Updated 05 July 2013
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PoshChat is a PowerShell client/server chat program that allows you to set up a single server as a chat server that relays messages from other clients to each client connected to the server.

  • Lightweight PowerShell chat server that be run from anything to a laptop to a desktop workstation to a server
  • Direct message support to other users
    • Append "@" with username along with message to send direct message to that user
    • Ex. @Boe Hello there!
  • Colored text messages based on type of message
  • Change font size on Chat Client
  • Able to chat with people connected to the powershell chat server
  • Supports multiple client connections
  • Dynamic list of connected clients on chat client
    • Updates whenever a user connects/disconnects from server


Planned Updates:
  • Able to select port types for both client and server to use
  • Encrypt/decrypt messages being sent
  • Continued code improvements/optimizations
  • Options menu
  • Graceful server shutdown

As always, all bug reports and other ideas are always welcome!

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