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PoshChat Setup and use

  1. Download and unzip to your local system.
  2. From the PowerShell console (not ISE), first run the Start-PoshChatServer.ps1 script to initialize the chat server instance
    1. You can enable server side logging to a file by adding -EnableLogging 'C:\temp\log.log'
  1. You can now run the Start-PoshChatClient.ps1 script to load up the chat UI.
  2. Type in a username and the server name/ip address and click Connect
  3. Once you receive notification in the window that you have connected, you can then start sending messages via the chat UI client.
  4. To disconnect from the chat client, simply close the UI.

PoshChat Client Use

  1. Type in the chat server name and a username (no spaces in name allowed) and click Connect
  2. Type a message and click Send to send a message to all users
  3. You can add an '@' at the beginning of a message followed by the username to send a direct message to that user that they can only see.
    1. This message will show up on your client in Blue while it will show up on their client as Orange.

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